Saturday, November 29, 2014

Top 8 apps every Mom needs now!

This is a screen shot from my phone to show the actual app icons. 

I use my phone for everything as we all do. Recently I noticed that my phone was almost full. So to fix this problem I decided to check out what apps I had installed. WOW I had a lot of apps. Most of which I don't even use. If you have to scroll across your phone through more than 4 pages of apps, you have too many lol. Most of the apps I have on my phone, I don't even use. I decided to make a list of the "Top 8 apps every Mom needs now!" I figure, if this helps at least one Mom clean out her phone space and save some money, I've succeeded. All the apps below are FREE.

1. Ebates: This is one of the most important apps you can use. If you ever buy anything online you will get cash back with this app. You can even pay online and pick up in store. This is a must have this holiday season.  

2. Snip Snap: This is one of the best coupon apps. You can search tons of coupons for every store you shop at. Simply show the coupon on your phone at checkout and you receive the discount. Really simple.

3. Shopular: This app has all the local store ads in one place. You can browse sales all from the comfort of your living room in your PJ's. 

4. Shopkick: This app gives you "check in" points and scanning points while you are in a store. You can convert your points to giftcards. It's really easy and can pay off quickly. I have my kids scan products while I'm in the store. They love having a job to do and we earn points while they do it. 

5. Ibotta: This is a great way to save even more money on the stuff you already buy. It's like a rebate program but without the complicated submissions. It's easy to use. All you have to do is scan the item and your receipt to receive your rebate. Once the items and receipt are verified, you get your cash. Simpy let your cash add up you can turn it into a gift card of your choice. 

6. Groupon: This one is great to have on hand. I check it before we go out to dinner or family outing. They always have great deals on places we were planning on visiting anyhow. The Groupon deals are my favorite. Every once in a while, you will find a $10.00 Starbucks card for only $5.00. You can only buy one but it's a 50% savings so it's worth it. 

7. Livingsocial: This is almost as good as Groupon. I got it because I found that if Groupon doesn't have it Livingsocial will. It has great local deals and it's easy to use. 

8. RetailMeNot: I use this app last to find a coupon to the store I'm shopping at. They don't have a ton of current coupons but if you can't find it at Snip Snap, they will have it.