Saturday, November 15, 2014

Christine Brecht is my favorite BB16 house guest.

     I attended the meet and greet with Christine Brecht last night. It was held at Epicenter Church of Tucson. It's tucked into the art buildings downtown. We parked and walked towards the metal staircase that leads to the church. The outside of the building is covered with beautiful paintings that give the look of graffiti. You should check this church out sometime.

     Upon entering the church we noticed it wasn't just a church. It's a gorgeous vintage industrial building. The walls are decorated with local art, the floors are the original wood, the pipes and electrical are exposed and the pews are pushed aside to allow room for the Big Brother fans to hang out with Christine. As we walked up we saw Tim Stine her husband sitting at a table accepting donations and selling t-shirts and photographs. He was greeting everyone with a smile. We purchased a photo and he thanked us for coming in. We then headed over to the crowd of people standing in front of Christine. We stood towards the back to give others room. Christine was answering questions and sharing stories from her time in the Big Brother house. She was very attentive with everyone. A few minutes into us standing in line a man approached us. He told us that we could just get her attention and ask her to sign our picture. He explained that there wasn't really a line. We continued talking to him as we inched forward. Turns out he was Christine's Dad. He proudly shared a few stories with us. He talked about how good of a kid Christine is. He is very proud of her. You can see why she's so nice. So before we headed over to meet Christine we asked to get a picture with him. He was flattered and said yes. We each took a picture with him. 


     We told him that we had been fans for a very long time and he said that this was actually his first year watching it. Of course he watched it, his daughter was on it. After a few minutes he walked away to play with his two adorable grandsons. They were there to support Christine too. Very cute kids who have excellent names. Christine's family was proudly watching her from the back, smiling and waving when she glanced up. She took time with each and every person who came to see her. She answered every question, signed each t-shirt and photograph with a personal note and posed for pictures. I don't think she realized how happy people were to finally meet her after watching her this summer. The dynamic between Tim and her was fun to watch. They really love each other. Each of them are equally proud of each other. Tim had a smile on his face the whole time and he was proudly looking on while Christine met with admiring fans. He eagerly jumped in when someone wanted a pic with the two of them. They have a great bond and you can see that when you meet them. 

     I felt that it was important to blog about meeting them after all the negative things I've seen people write about them. After watching the promos for BB16 we were instantly excited to see someone from Tucson, Arizona get onto Big Brother. Usually only Phoenix gets on the map. Tucson is considered large by most but if you have lived here your whole life you know it's actually pretty small. It's hard to go anywhere without running into someone you know. We all thought it was pretty cool that a girl from Tucson, AZ would be on TV. I couldn't wait for the show to start. She was our favorite from the start. Now that we met her we know that we made the right choice. She's the best. 

Both Christine and Tim gladly signed my lunch box!

She posed for a picture with Alyssa.

I got a picture too. 

Oh and meeting Tim was just as cool. He spent a half an hour talking to us. I of course asked him his opinion about the "Sonic Highways" album since he's  a musician. He has to get back to me on that after he hears the whole album. We can't wait to catch one of his shows. He posed for pictures with both of us. Check out that smile, what a great guy!

Thank you Christine and Tim for taking time to hang out with us fans and making Tucson proud. You guys are awesome!