Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Say Please & Thank You

I was at the grocery store yesterday and this little girl was chasing after her brother and running after her Mom in the store. As she passed me she screamed "MOVE", not excuse me or sorry but MOVE! I couldn't believe it. I turned around to see if her mother would correct her and tell her to say excuse me or sorry but she didn't. They just continued running through the store as if that didn't just happen. I was instantly angry. I was thinking, if that was my child. But wait, that wouldn't be my child. I have taught my children manners from the time they could speak. Please and Thank You were something we continually reinforced until they learned them. Then, I wanted to turn around and go in the direction of that Mom. I thought about how I could nonchalantly mention manners while pushing my cart past her or maybe I would pick up a book about manners and drop it in her cart. I wasn't sure what I was going to do but I sure did fell like I had to do something. Of course I didn't do anything. I always think I could but I couldn't. I have to remember that everyone parents differently.

We know that manners are important right? I try not to let things like that bother me but it seems like it happens more and more nowadays. At what point are we going to start parenting our children? What are we afraid of?  

I want to remind everyone that our children are going to be taking care of us some day. Think about that before you allow your child to be disrespectful to someone. Remind them to say please and thank you and treat everyone with kindness. Parenting isn't easy but it's all worth it. 

You will be so proud of your polite children when they are at school or church. They will remember how important manners are and use them daily. Maybe you will even get to catch a glimpse of them being kind and high five yourself for enforcing it with them. Manners are a stepping stone to well behaved children.

Thank you for reading, please stop by again :)