Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review of "NeatTrax" super absorbent floor mat from Costco

I have been checking out these mats every time I go to Costco. I've read about how great they are, how they are washable and keep dirt out of your home. They even say "Perfect for households with pets and kids". I figured if it sounded to good to be true, it probably was. On my last trip to Costco a lady in front of me had two of these in her cart. I decided to ask her if she's used them before. She very quickly and excitedly explained that she uses them in her motor home. She explained that she has two dogs who track in a lot of dirt. She had seen these mats several times at Costco and finally decided to buy two. She said she loves them. She was actually buying two more to put in different areas of her motor home because they were on sale that day. They are regularly priced at $17.99 and were on sale for $12.99. I decided that if she loved them that much, I should at least try them. I walked back over to the aisle where they were located. 

They had two different colors available, brown-beige and black-grey. 

I chose to buy two black and grey mats. 

The directions say to wash and dry the mats 2-3 times to reach optimal performance. I followed the instructions and washed the mats three times. I noticed a ton of lint so I cleaned out the link filter twice during drying. Once they were done I placed one by the back door heading out to the back yard and one by the garage door heading into the garage. We are a family of four with a dog and a cat so I hope to see less dirt and dust in the house while using these mats. I also have a house full of tile. No carpet, only throw rugs in a few rooms. Dirt is a huge issue for us. I have to sweep everyday, sometimes twice a day if people are coming in and out from the backyard. 


I've had these mats in the house for a total of 53 days. They are as great as they say. Perhaps they are even better. I've noticed a lot less dirt and dust being tracked through the house. These mats somehow trap the dirt in the fibers before they make a mess around your house. I'm doing a lot less sweeping thanks to these mats. When they are visibly dirty you just shake off the excess dirt, place them in the washer, dry them and set them back out to collect more dirt. These mats are very easy to use, affordable and decorative. I currently have two and I plan to buy two more next time they go on sale. Honestly, these are the only floor mats you will ever have to buy. They are fantastic.