Monday, September 8, 2014

Monsoon storms kicked Arizona's butt today.

Living in Arizona you have to get use to the Monsoon season. It's a couple of months of crazy random thunderstorms. It usually starts in the mid to late June and ends around the end of September. Here is a glimpse of what we encounter during a Monsoon. 

Today was the wettest day I've seen a a very long time. It rained so hard that my daughters school had to close the parking lots. The water was past the tires on some cars. Here are some pictures of the chain link fence located along the parking lot that was knocked over by a wall of water. 

On the way home we decided to stop and check out the Canada del Oro wash near our home. Take a look at the videos I shot below.

Here is another video of the Canada del Oro wash.

We have tons of "rivers" in Arizona but very few actually ever hold water.  Here is a picture of the Canada del Oro river today. It's bank to bank with water. This very rarely happens.