Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Arizona braces for Odile

After the flooding we saw last Monday we need to be prepared for more water. Most fire departments are handing out sandbags to local residents. The news is suggesting we stay inside and be prepared. Since the ground is already saturated from last weeks storm the water won't seep into the ground. The water will just create a huge flood across the area. 

Make sure you don't become a victim of Odile. 

Here's how to protect your property with sandbags.

Step one: Contact your local fire department and see if they are offering FREE sandbags. If they are not you will have to purchase some at a local hardware store. Places like Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware will have them. 

Step two: Figure out how many bags and how much sand you would need to complete the wall. The staff at your local store should be able to help you with this. Just tell them how large of an area you need to protect.
Step three: You will need to purchase bags, sand and plastic sheeting or a tarp from your local hardware store.

Step four: Have a friend help you fill the bags. One person will hold the bag open while the other person uses a shovel to add sand to the bag. Fill the sandbags half way so you have excess to material to create a flap at the open end. Some bags will come with something to secure the bag closed. If yours does not, you can simply fold the flap over to seal it.

Step five: Place the plastic sheeting or tarp on the ground where you want to keep the water out. Place the plastic sheeting or tarp halfway up the wall, window or door where you want to keep the water out. This will help create a barrier to divert the water.

Step six: Start placing the first row of sandbags on the plastic sheeting or tarp. Make sure that each bag is tight against the next bag by tapping it down. Start the next row on top of the first in a brick pattern as seen below. 

Stagger the placement of sandbags to create a strong barrier. Continue packing the bags down as you go. Build the wall up until you reach the desired height to safely divert the water.
Step seven: Relax; you are now protected from flooding waters. Stay inside and be safe.