Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The importance of wearing a helmet.

Cute helmet from Amazon

I was recently reading a magazine cover while waiting in line at the grocery store. It had a picture of two celebrities riding bikes with their children. The children all had bicycle helmets on but the celebrity Mom and Dad did not. I started thinking, what would happen if the Mom was to fall off her bike and hit her head? What if the fall was really bad and she ended up in the hospital? I see this every day in my own neighborhood. Parents who insist that their children wear helmets but refuse to wear one themselves. I always make my children wear a helmet while riding a bike and I always wear one too. I think it's important to lead by example. Wearing a helmet while riding a bike is like wearing your seat belt while riding in a car. It's meant to protect you. Most importantly, it's protecting your brain from injury in the event that you fell and hit your head. I guess we have to ask ourselves, who will take care of my family if I am seriously injured? Is it worth the risk to not wear a helmet? I don't think so. Do you think it's important to wear a helmet while bike riding with your children?

A multi-sport helmet is a great option. This is great because you don't have to buy several different helmets if your children play in different activities. Amazon has the best deal on them. 

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