Monday, September 21, 2015

Dr Suess's new book and why your children need a pet.

Dr Seuss recently released a book on July 28, 2015. It's titled "Which pet should I get"? 

As parents we have to make lots of difficult decisions. One of them is whether or not to get the family a pet. If you didn't grow up with pets, this decision becomes a lot harder. You don't have the first hand experience of owning a pet. If you grew up with pets, you may think you know all the reasons why pets are great for kids. Did you know that many studies have shown that children who have pets turn out to be healthier, more well adjusted and even happier than their friends without pets. 

Here's some fun facts to consider when thinking about adding a pet to your family.

Having a pet teaches children about responsibility and it encourages self confidence. Most children exercise more and continue to lead an active lifestyle as an adult. Pets are very calming for children. (Think about hospital service dogs.) They help relive stress. They help children with reading skills as most elementary school children say they love reading to their pets. Pets also teach children about life and death. They learn about commitment, schedules and routines. They also experience discipline and of course friendship.    

Having a pet is a lifetime commitment. Please consider adoption first. Please click here to view adoptable animals in your area.