Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Goodbye PF Changs, I will miss you.

As we enter into a new year, most companies are raising prices and lowering portions. I didn't see this coming from my local PF Changs. They usually have large "family sized" portions. If you come with a large group you can always try something new by sharing a meal. That's just not possible now. The meal portions have been cut by more than a quarter. The alcoholic drinks are much smaller and the appetizer was only big enough for two when you can usually share with four people. We came in for dinner around 7:30pm. There was a small wait. Once we were at our table we waiting a long time for drinks and our appetizer. It seems that the staff has been cut as well. The food tasted great but I did notice more green onions then meat added to the Mongolian Beef to make it look larger. For dessert we ordered the banana spring rolls and they were just sad. I counted 5 strawberry slices, 3 blueberries and 1 raspberry along with one scoop of ice cream. We asked to share the dish with the table because some of our guests have never tried them. We were not given any plates to do so. I guess they are also saving on dish washing as well. Overall I don't think the change will be profitable for them. The staff is stressed, the portions are small and the prices are higher. This is nothing like the PF Changs I'm use to. I hope they can figure out a comfortable medium soon. This was one of my favorite places to dine out at. I will have to say goodbye for now and I will miss you. If you decide to change your ways, perhaps I will give you another chance.