Saturday, October 12, 2013

A must read, feel good story.

My daughter has tutored in the special education 
class called the "Dream Team" in her high school for two years now. A few weeks ago she came home and said someone started a hashtag on Twitter for a senior in the class named Kevin to be nominated Homecoming King. She was so excited when she explained the whole story to me. I couldn't help but feel excited too. I headed over to Twitter and checked out the hashtag myself.

You can find it here 

Below is a picture of the amazing young lady who started the hashtag #kevinforhomecoming2013 her little brother also has down syndrome. I wanted to hug her the first time we met. She's fantastic!   

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The kids started spreading #Kevinforhomecoming2013 and it took off. On the day of nominations all the kids were reminding one another to VOTE 4 KEVIN. 

I thought this would be a great story for our local news. I typed up a quick status update and asked all my friends and family to share it. We took to Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about #Kevinforhomecoming2013 The story took off. Within only a few hours I received a phone call from a reporter. She was touched by the story and wanted to know more. The next day she was at the school interviewing Kevin and some of his friends.   

A few days later all the votes were in and guess what.......

KEVIN WON!      

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I am so proud of the kids at Canyon Del Oro High school. This is kindness at the fullest.
After trying to get just one news station to pick up the story we got three, yes three stations wanted to cover this great story.
Please click the links below to watch now. 
~Remember Be Kind and Pay It Forward~
KVOA channel 4
KGUN channel 9
KOLD channel 13