Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ever wonder what's in your child's school lunch?

Recently I decided to go to my son’s school and have lunch with him to see what the school serves. I was a little surprised. We have been paying $2.10 per day for him to eat lunch. I brought my lunch and sat down with him. He picked around at his food and barely ate anything on the tray. He did finish his chocolate milk. I have to say, I wouldn't have eaten the food on the tray either. It didn't even resemble food. It smelled like food but did not look edible. I ended up splitting my turkey sandwich with him. I asked him if he likes the food the cafeteria serves. He looked up at me as if he was scared to answer. Then he quietly said “No, it’s gross. I only drink my milk. I’m sorry Mommy.” My heart sunk in my chest and I felt terrible. I was sending him to school each day with a full belly from breakfast but he wasn't eating lunch. I decided that day that I would pack his lunch every day going forward. We actually pack it together so I know he’s choosing items he likes and that he will eat.  
After having three children, I've found that making school lunch at home is much healthier than buying school lunch. Your children will actually eat the food they have in their lunch and it’s cheaper too. His favorite is a turkey roll up. I purchase thicker sliced turkey breast from the deli and roll it up for him. He chooses a drink option of milk, juice or water then a side like carrots, celery or strawberries and usually string cheese. 
Do your children eat school lunch? If not, what are some of your lunch options that you pack for your kids?