Monday, January 4, 2016

Homemade Gluten Free Mexican Street Tacos

Every time we make tacos for dinner everyone goes crazy. They start off with three and end up eating ten to twelve tacos. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. I decided I would share the directions on how to make these homemade authentic Mexican Street Tacos with tostadas as well. This recipe is gluten free and the tostadas are vegetarian

Here's what you need

1. A package of 85% or more lean ground beef. two lbs is enough for most families of 4.

2. Two lbs of cheddar or Colby jack cheese you won't use it all. 

3. A package of corn tortillas. They come in 12, 24, 30, 36 and 72 count at most grocery stores. Always buy more than you think you need. 

4. Canola oil

5. A medium electric skillet

6. Tongs to flip the tacos

7. Large cake pan or cookie sheet lined with paper towels.

8. Taco seasoning or nature seasoning in a shaker container.
9. Salsa, we prefer the El Sol organic salsa from Costco. It's cheap and delicious.

10. Refried beans

11. Spanish rice

12. Lettuce, tomatoes and onions

13. Guacamole - I'll post our family recipe on another day. 


Step one: Turn the skillet on 400 degrees and pour the canola oil in the pan covering just the bottom about 1/8".

Step two: Pour yourself a glass of wine, trust me you will thank me later.

Step three: Wait for the oil to heat up in the pan.

Step four: Make tostada shells. Once the oil is hot, place two corn tortillas at a time in the hot oil. Flip them over as they brown. Once they are browned on both sides, take them out and place on a paper towel. 

Make all your tostada shells first so they can be completely vegetarian.

Step five: Now take a plate and place one corn tortilla on it. Using a fork, take a small amount of meat and spread it onto half of the tortilla smashing it down to a thin layer. Then sprinkle the meat with the seasoning of your choice. 

Step six: Add another tortilla on top and spread meat on the opposite half. Continue making a pile until you have about ten high. Alternating the meat from the left to right side so the pile stays even. 

Step seven: Start placing the tacos flat in the hot oil. Wait for the tortilla to "bubble" a little bit. Usually takes just a few moments.Then fold the non-meat side over to make a taco. You can usually cook about five at a time in a 16" electric skillet. 

Step eight: After about two-three minutes you will flip the tacos over. Let them cook for two-three minutes more. They should be golden brown. 

Step nine: Turn your oven on warm. 

Step ten: Take the tacos out of the oil and place them on your cookie sheet or cake pan lined with paper towels. 

Step eleven: Take a large pinch of cheese and place inside the taco shell on one side only. 

Step twelve: After you have placed the cheese inside the shells, put the tacos in the oven to melt the cheese.

Step thirteen: After all the tacos are done and in the oven you can cut up your vegetables and prepare your rice and beans. 

Step fourteen: Take your tacos out of the oven and place on the stove to cool for a few minutes. The cheese should be melted and your tacos are now ready to eat.