Monday, November 25, 2013

Melissa McCarthy on the cover of ELLE magazine

I was so excited when I heard that Melissa McCarthy was going to be on the cover of ELLE magazine. What a step in the right direction America. I decided to pick up a copy to support her. I was in shock at the "outfit" she picked out. She was covered from her shoulders down. I couldn't believe it. She's smart, beautiful, funny and a great actress. The fact that she's not a size zero makes you want to cover up? I just don't understand that. Way to make young girls accept themselves for whatever size they are. They look to magazines for inspiration. This cover says "If your a big girl you have to cover up." I really thought this cover would help to make change in the world. Instead, I feel that they failed us. We really need to focus on positive body image. Our children deserve it.

The picture on the left is the cover and the picture on the right is the beginning of the article "Women in Hollywood." Notice anything different? More skin perhaps? Sexier pose? Both are women of Hollywood. Both are smart, beautiful, funny and great actresses. 
The pictures above are courtesy of ELLE magazine.