Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New threat to our children.

There is very scary news circulating on Facebook. It says that people are going door to door pretending to sell books for children. They have very thick accents. They ask tons of questions about your kids and most people answer them without even thinking. After all, they are selling children's books. They are acting exhausted from the heat and ask to come in to get out of the heat and to get some water. They ask about the neighborhood and about other children who live nearby. These people are hitting neighborhoods on all sides of town. They are very pushy and refuse to leave when asked. Local police have explained that this is a new way for sex traffickers to find children. Yes, they are coming right to your home.

Get in the habit of taking your cell phone with you when you answer the door. This way if they do show up you can quietly take a video of the people and call the police if needed. Please protect your family by not answering any of their questions. Try to get a description of the people and any vehicles they may be driving and call the police right away. This is hitting really close to home for me. Another family who lives at Ina and Old Father just experienced this first hand. Kids are missing right now across Arizona because of these disgusting people. Don't be fooled if you have boys, It's not just girls they are looking for.  

If you think your neighborhood is safe, Think again.

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